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Darren’s deadly knife strike

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APRIL 2018

WESTBURY RECENTLY hosted a grading day for Shim Jang Taekwondo for the Westbury, Deloraine and Sheffield class members.

Students were graded to their next belt level by Examiner Master Greg Dovey who travelled from NSW.

Shim Jang is becoming increasingly popular. Parents being able to train alongside their kids is an incentive for families to join and develop the skills of self-defence, self-confidence, perseverance, focus, discipline and respect.

Tasmanian Shim Jang State Director, Master Darren Hyland, has witnessed explosive growth in the number of families and students practicing the Art over the past 7 years, with ever expanding classes stretching along Tasmania’s coast from Smithton to Westbury.

Master Darren along with his wife Tammy, an Instructor and 2nd Dan Black belt herself, and 2 children, one a Yudanja Black Belt and the other a Junior Black Belt, have made the Martial Art a real family affair.

Tammy and Master Darren Instruct classes at Sheffield, Deloraine and Westbury and invite anyone to come along to a class and give Shim Jang a go.

Visit the website to find a class near you:

Photo | Mike Moores