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Forget the wind in your hair

EventsJoanne EisemannComment

APRIL 2018

200 years ago it was considered a medical fact that the human body would disintegrate if travelling over 60 miles per hour.

No worries then for Brenton Smith and Lillie Keogh of Bendigo, who brought their Schacht to the recent Veteran Car Rally in Meander Valley tour - it has a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

The tour is a biannual event held in various places around Australia. This year’s tour was organised by Joe Clippingdale of Birralee. 67 people attended with 29 vehicles including 1 from WA, 3 from SA, 4 from Qld, 1 from the ACT and 20 from Tasmania.

The weather for the event could only be described as average, with rain and wind hampering some plans.

Photo | Mike Moores