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From the law to flights of fancy

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FEBRUARY 2018 | David Claridge

AFTER MANY years of court reporting, Blackstone Heights resident Colleen Stacey was reaching retirement. She had ideas in her head and a desire to put them into words.

All Colleen wanted was three books with the same cover sitting on her bookshelf.

Six years later, after moving to Tasmania, Colleen finished her book trilogy and now has them published.

“I was a court reporter in SA, NSW and overseas for 35 years. I would do writing daily on my shorthand machine but that was mainly in a legal aspect… Sometimes I sit in my study and the ideas are coming to my head quicker than I can type,” she said.

The trilogy, named after its protagonist, Cokkels, is about an extremely cunning and dangerous creature that has infiltrated the land of Soth. The trilogy is filled with sibling rivalry, bullying and repression, political intrigue, modern day societal issues, demonic forces and even murder and incarceration.

“In 2012 I started writing a story about this fictional character. Not feeling very confident with myself, I showed it to my husband, it was about 50 pages. He said I should flesh it out a bit. 420 pages later he decided it was pretty good.”

“Many people that have read them say they are fantastic and that I’m a really good storyteller, so I’m proud of myself in that respect.”

Part of a review sent to Colleen says that “This book contained so much action in the last half a dozen or so chapters, I couldn’t believe it, covering all facets of the story and tying everything up beautifully.

Suitable for ages 12 and up, Colleen is available to sign copies purchased from the Prospect Vale Post Office. Alternatively, purchase an ebook format from amazon.

Photo | David Claridge