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Grannies galore for happy little Toddle Inners

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APRIL 2018 | Cody Handley

Residents of both Kanangra and Grenoch aged care facilities have been receiving visits from Toddle Inn Childcare Centre.

The program has been up and running for 12 months and aims to benefit both the young and the elderly.

Director of Toddle Inn, Julie Purdon, said the program provides “a lovely connection between the younger generation of children and the elderly.”

The visits occur monthly and are a favourite with the children who look forward to it each month, as do the residents according to aged care staff.

“We take along a variety of activities and music to dance and sing to,” Ms Purdon said. “The children have also formed friendships and gained respect for the older generations. The sheer joy on the faces of the residents and the children is heart-warming.”

It is Toddle Inn’s hope that the visits will help the residents of Grenoch and Kanangra feel connected with younger people.

“When we first started going and the children noisily raced down the hallways of Grenoch and Kanangra we used to encourage them to be quiet. However, we don’t now as we noticed residents poking their heads out of their rooms with a big smile and a wave on our arrival,” Ms Purdon said.

Photo | Mike Moores