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Hadspen NBN woes

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April 2018 | Cody Handley

THERE HAVE been reports of frequent NBN outages in Hadspen.

One node in particular seems to be the issue. The node in question services premises in Roebourne Avenue, Hadspen Park Drive and Vrouka Place and constantly seems to have NBN technicians tinkering with it.

NBNCo Local Manager Russel Kelly informed the Gazette that there was a problem with a particular node in February but claims the issue has now been rectified.

However affected residents have been experiencing outages for some time.

Alisha Cornish said “We have been on and off for the past year since joining the NBN. We have good periods then terrible periods where we drop off for weeks at a time.”

Max and Janet Wiggins said they “have experienced problems since connecting to NBN. We were offline several times last year … We need a permanent fix and not constant patch up jobs.

NBNCo reiterated that individuals need to report issues to their service provider first. However, this appears to be causing much of the frustration.

The Gazette contacted Bass MHR Ross Hart for comment, who acknowledged what he termed “the NBNco runaround.”

“We think that there should be a consolidated fault reporting network which prevents the service providers from blaming NBNCo and vice versa. In other words, we think we have the solution but the government is not listening to us. In fact, the rollout of inferior technology is going to perpetuate the problem,” he said.

Mr Hart noted that “Hadspen does appear to be a hot spot with respect to NBN issues.” “Constituents should feel free to contact me if they are not receiving satisfaction and we will endeavour to assist,” he said.