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He haw, he always talks about me!

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JUNE 2018

STEVEN FRENCH’S Facebook posts about Missy the Irish donkey have resulted in her getting quite a personal following.

Steven was recently approached by the ABC in Hobart about a weekly state-wide radio guest spot where Steven talks about the exploits of Missy and other happenings on his farm in Whitemore.

‘There’s a Donkey at the Window’ goes to air Sunday mornings on ‘Weekends with Chris Wisbey’, Tasmania’s highest rating weekend radio show.

‘There’s a Donkey at the Window’ started this week and the link to the show is:

Steven and Missy’s bit comes on at approximately 1:17:09 into the show.

Weekends’ is uploaded to the ABC site a day or two after each show and Steven will post the link on Facebook each week.

Steven has also been asked to make a regular contribution about life on the farm (and assorted topics) to the national quarterly magazine ‘Earth Garden’.

Steven’s stories and photos will start appearing from the next edition.

‘There’s a Donkey at the Window’ will also be the name of Steven’s forthcoming book.

Could he be basking in, and capitalising on, Missy’s reflected popularity?

Photo | Steven French