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'High Contrast Tasmania' at the Durham

ArtsJoanne EisemannComment

January 2016

HIGH CONTRAST Tasmania is an exhibition by emerging local artist, Deborah Lynch.

Her first solo exhibition, following completion of a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts at UTAS, Deborah has lived at Western Creek for over 30 years in the shadows of Tasmania’s ‘spine’: kooparoonaniara, the Great Western Tiers.

Elemental Artspace’s Durham Gallery in Deloraine is the venue from 13th January 2016 until 6th February 2016.

Subject matter is sourced entirely from the 2014 World Heritage extension in the Tiers.

"It is a political project. It situates me in the natural world where I feel the invisible, physical, mental and emotional reminders that I am, but a minute part of a planetary ecosystem," says Deborah.