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Horticulturalists have a ball in Hadspen

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Shane Boyce Launceston Bonsai

Shane Boyce Launceston Bonsai

DECEMBER 2015 | David Claridge

ENTALLY ESTATE came to life in November as hundreds of gardening enthusiasts flocked to Gardenfest 2015.

Now in its eighth year, Gardenfest provides an opportunity for people to ask questions and acquire new plants and decorations to add to their own gardens.

Event organiser Sue Dibella was impressed by the number of people on opening day. “It has been absolutely excellent, probably a record number of people through the gate.”

“A special (Tasmanian) guest, Tino Carnevale from Gardening Australia was here wandering in the garden, chatting with people.”

“We have so many varied people that come through - gardening enthusiasts, the ones that are sitting on the gate at 9:30 in the morning to get the best bargain, or people who just come out as an excuse to support Entally.”

Among the fifty-two stalls there was a variety of plants to purchase and flowers to admire from bonsai to petunias. There was even a new brand of gin for sale, Poltergeist, which is Tasmanian made.

Stall holder Matthew ‘Moby’ Dick from Kimberley had an impressive display of creative metal artwork as silhouettes for sale.

“There is always plenty of interest here, and lots of questions.”

“Among the most popular silhouettes are the Tassie Tigers, everyone loves those.”

Gardening enthusiast Trish Campbell, a local of Entally had a great time there.

“I always come down every year, and I always come later in the afternoon so I have time to wander around and have a good look at things without huge crowds that are here earlier.”

“It’s just a beautiful place to be in, I’ve found some unusual things to plant in the garden.”

“I don’t promise my husband that I won’t spend money, I always find something.”

Gardenfest will be held again in 2016.

Photo |  David Claridge