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Jewels of nature

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APRIL 2018

WELL KNOWN local naturalist and photographer Sarah Lloyd (recently featured on Gardening Australia) will share some exquisite photos of slime moulds in an exhibition called Nature’s Miniature Jewels during the month of April at Pixels Digital Gallery.

Sarah has studied slime moulds in the tall, wet eucalypt forest that surrounds her home at Birralee in northern Tasmania since 2010.

During that time she has taken hundreds of photographs. A ‘time lapse’ series that illustrates the remarkable changes the plasmodia undergo as they form fruiting bodies. Photographs taken with a camera on a stereo microscope, show the variety of forms at the macroscopic scale. Photographs taken with a camera on a compound microscope, show the intricate beauty in their microscopic structures.

Pixels Gallery is located in the Deloraine Online Access Centre behind the Library.

Photo | Sarah Lloyd