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Mad Hatter loves leather

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JANUARY 2018 | Hayley Manning

IN DELORAINE’S newest shop you can get a key cut, a battery replaced, your shoes repaired, or a leather item repaired, but best of all … you no longer need to drive 100 kms or more to get a few well chosen words engraved on a pewter tankard or a last minute piece of jewellery.

Mad Hatter Hand Made is situated amid other quirky shops and studios on Emu Bay Road, and further positions Deloraine as a significant hub of creativity in Northern Tasmania. Shop proprietor, Mr Brett Henson, said the variety of skills required for all the di•erent aspects of the business, together with customer requests for unusual leather items, are what keeps him interested in the trade he entered 25 years ago in Hobart.

Brett has continued to hone his skills by working in leather repair, and multi-service shops around Tassie, but he recently decided the time was right to start his own business. He said he particularly enjoys repairing leather farm equipment, including nose-feed bags, harnesses, bridles and saddles.

“I can basically fix or make anything, there’s not much I can’t do. I’m the go-to-guy for high-end leather work and the jobs no-one else can or wants to do and I don’t charge exorbitant prices.”

Leather pieces are available for purchase and come with encouraging advice for those wanting to make something themselves.

“The internet makes it possible to learn anything these days, so there really is no excuse not to have a go.”

Photo | Mike Moores