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Mother’s Day treat at Trowunna sanctuary

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JUNE 2018 | Hayley Manning

MUM’S AND their families had a Devilish Mother’s Day at the Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary.

New part-time Operations Manager, Darren Rumble, said the inaugural free entry for mothers on their special day was a way of saying thanks for the great job they do.

“It was also an opportunity to celebrate our new logo and rebranding,” Mr Rumble said.

He explained the privately owned Trowunna (Heart Shaped Island Home), had recently been rebranded a ‘sanctuary’ rather than park, to reflect the true nature of the tranquil surroundings enjoyed by the unique native mammals and birds, and the people who visit them.

“Rehabilitation and conservation are our main focus to augment threatened wildlife populations,” he said.

Trowunna, established in 1979 at Mole Creek, remains committed to conservation through, education, training courses and active participation in breeding projects, such as the Save the Tasmanian Devil program, which continues to succeed due to the dedicated staff and an ‘unprecedented’ 17 generations of Devils in a family tree.

Photo | Hayley Manning