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Pathway to uni degree

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August 2018 | Wendy Laing

MR JAMIE Mitchell is the Community Outreach Officer with the University College in Tasmania.

The University College sits between TAFE and the University of Tasmania and is perfect for a mature age student embarking on a career change or someone already working in an industry and looking to upgrade business skills and gain formal qualifications.

Mr Mitchell was the first person in his family to attend university, entering as a mature age student at the age of 49. He is now into the first year of an Applied Business Associate Degree.

“I admit to thinking university was only for ‘rich, intelligent kids,’ which, of course, is not true,” he said.

“My role,” he went on to say, “is to challenge negative perceptions around studying University level subjects in rural and regional Tasmania. My goal is to ensure that you are fully supported in your choice of university study.”

Programs offered by the University College include university preparation, Associate Degrees and Diploma of University Studies.

The University Preparation Program is open to everyone and provides an alternative entry pathway into university. When completed, it qualifies students for general entry requirements into a university degree.

“I enjoy meeting people who think the door to university level study is closed to them. I give advice and discuss what choices and courses are available. This can help people make an informed decision on changing their future direction through continuing education.”

He will also assist rural students with options regarding online study and the hours required each term for their chosen subjects.

You can make an appointment to meet with Jamie Mitchell at Deloraine House to talk about the pathway options for tertiary study by phoning 0475 183 652 for further information.