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Personally branded, my way

BusinessJoanne EisemannComment

March 2018 | Wendy Laing

A FRIENDLY, interactive workshop called ‘Brand It, Build your Personal Brand’ was held on Tuesday, 13th February at Deloraine House.

It was run by Talitha ‘Taz’ Devadass, who is an experienced Program Manager with the Van Diemen Project and a regional entrepreneurship facilitator with a vast amount of expertise and experience.

‘Brand It’ is an initiative of the Federal Department of Jobs and Small Business and is a free business advice service supporting people who wish to turn their ideas and skills into jobs.

The workshop suited anybody who wished to build their personal image, build confidence to start their own business or just wanted to improve their presentation skills.

Ms Devadass talked about building a brand through communication and with the confidence to trust yourself and your ideas. Then finding the courage to achieve them.

“My job is to help people see self-employment as a career pathway,” she said.

Free support in the Meander Valley on how to begin, run, improve and grow your business is available for both those who wish to start a small business and entrepreneurs who would like help with their existing enterprise.

For more information about this free service you can contact Ms Devadass on 0429 061 668, 6349 1919 or email talitha@vandiemenproject.