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Right up your music alley

Arts, EventsJoanne EisemannComment

December 2015

“PEOPLE FELT they’d made a discovery,” said Mark from The Empire Hotel.

“Just walking up the street they weren’t expecting to find a stage full of musicians with stringed instruments or the poets or bards or beautifulvocal harmonies.”

The Little Laneway Fringe Festival Live Performing Arts was almost a ‘pop-up’ event, being conceived just 2½ weeks before the Craft Fair.

“I always thought that the space between Seppenfelts and The Empire Hotel had lots of potential,” said Isabel from Seppenfelts. “So when Anthony from Keep the Beat, a local drumming teacher, said he’d organise it, Alfred and I said ‘go for it!’”

“We got so much positive feedback! Everyone’s hoping it will become a regular event.