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Safety upgrade for lake

FeatureJoanne EisemannComment

April 2018

LAKE BARRINGTON’S Kentish Park recreational boating facility is now safer for all users.

The boat ramps and pontoons have been upgraded by Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST), with support from Hydro Tasmania, Kentish Council, and the Mersey-Forth Recreation Management Committee.

Two of the existing pontoons at Kentish Park have been linked to increase the area for temporary berthing. The work has also created a safe swimming zone, away from other lakes users.

Hydro Tasmania’s Chief Operating Officer, Evangelista Albertini, said with the support of MAST’s Recreational Boating Infrastructure Fund, Hydro Tasmania has upgraded the existing pontoons.

“While providing clean, secure energy is Hydro Tasmania’s first priority, we also take pride in supporting recreational water users,” Mr Albertini said.

“And we’re delighted to improve safety for people who enjoy using the Lake Barrington facilities,” he said.

The Kentish Council Mayor, Don Thwaites, said the Council was very pleased to provide $10,000 towards this very worthwhile project.

“This project has been a long-term initiative of the Mersey-Forth Recreation Management Committee. Many different users access Lake Barrington at Kentish Park, therefore, the new pontoon will contribute towards reducing congestion at the boat ramps and, importantly, improve user safety.”