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Sherriff hands in his badge

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JUNE 2018 | Wendy Laing

AFTER THIRTY four years of running his business in Deloraine, Peter Sherriff is letting go of the reins.

Peter and his wife, Jenny, sold their house in Launceston and came home to Deloraine to start an accounting business, now known as PJS Financial.

Peter Sherriff grew up in Deloraine where his father, Carl Sherriff, originally had an accountancy practice, before becoming the Account/ Financial Controller for Harris department store.

After working for two large accountancy firms in Launceston, Peter said he always had ambitions and dreams of starting up his own business and moving back to live and work in Deloraine.

“Accounting must have been in my blood,” Peter said, “just like farmer’s sons become farmers.”

Peter started PJS Financial with himself and one staff member who worked two days a week. His father would also occasionally help out.

During the past thirty-four years he has employed over fifty staff, watched them grow, gain knowledge and qualifications. At present, there are fourteen employees at PJS Financial.

‘We have had a fantastic bunch of long-serving employees, with over half of our current staff clocking up the second stage of their long service with the business.

Peter and his wife, Jenny, who is the daughter of another local family, Jimmy and Margaret Arnold, have two sons, Adam and Jason who are now in their thirties and live and work on the mainland.

Peter has been a board member of Grenoch Aged Care and the Rotary Pratt Foundation and is a Senior Active member and a Past President of the Deloraine Apex Club.

Over the years, Peter has also participated in local sporting organisations. These include Little Athletics, junior and senior basketball, football, and tennis. As well as involvement with junior football, Peter is a Past President of the Deloraine senior football club.

“It has been great being involved in the town,” he said. “Both Jenny and myself have gained a lot out of being part of the community and helping others.”

Six years ago, Sam Horsman, also a local Deloraine lad, joined the firm from KMPG, where he was a senior manager. Sam said he is

looking forward to continuing to steer PJS Financial into the future.

“Since Sam has been with us,” Peter said, “I have had a chance to develop other business interests which I will now be able to concentrate on.”

Although they also have a Launceston office, PJS Financial Deloraine will always be the main centre and core business.

Peter still intends showing a keen interest in PJS Financial and will act as a consultant for the business.

“I have no intention of sitting back and doing nothing,” he said. “I hate the term ‘retirement’ and have banned the word from our home.”

Photo | Mike Moores