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Slam dunk for school

SportJoanne EisemannComment

MARCH 2018 | Cody Handley

THE DELORAINE Amateurs Basketball Association (DABA) has donated two rings and backboards to Deloraine High School, which are now up and ready for the new school year.

The project has been 18 months in the making, from the time of donation to having the new basketball court ready for use.

Due to the height of the rings, it required an excavator balanced on the back of a truck to lift the rings into the ground!

The school’s Business Manager, Cynthia Pearce, said that Craig Cunningham of STURDYBILT Agencies had done a fantastic job of erecting the rings.

“Not having a gym was very restricting for the students. The new court will give a giant boost to school sport,” Ms Pearce said.

The court will also be open to students over weekends and during school holidays.

“Deloraine is a strong basketball community,” said Ms Pearce. “The new court will provide a place for not only students but the community to come and build their skills and socialise.”

The new school court could also benefit DABA, as more students becoming interested in basketball may hopefully translate into more players engaging with the extracurricular sporting scene.

DABA donated the rings to the school as a result of upgrading their own courts, but they still have two spare rings that they do not have any plans for as yet.

Photo | Mike Moores