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Street car show a big hit

BusinessJoanne EisemannComment

March 2018 | David Claridge

COMING OFF the winning of the Meander Valley Community Event of the Year at January’s Australia Day awards, the Deloraine Street Car Show reached new heights for its third year when it cruised into town in February.

What started out with a local club wanting to put together a car show has grown into an event that progressively evolves each year. This time 550 cars were on display, and around 10,000 people rolled up for a look.

Local businesses up and down the main road benefited from the influx of visitors, while a number of bands performed as the onlookers meandered the car show.

Committee member for the Van Diemans Street Rod Club, David Sherriff, said he was amazed at how big it has become.

“I was on the gate and saw a lot of tourists come for a look, even a few of the cars on display had mainland number plates,” he said.

“My favourites were the Ford 34 Coupe from Adelaide that I saw coming through the gate and there were some really nice two-door Falcons.

“There was something for everyone with Hot rods, Holden Monaros’, GT Falcons, Camaro’s, Corvettes and the P76 to name but a few.”

The organisers want to thank everyone for making it such a memorable event.