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Saturday night games

CommunityJoanne Eisemann

NOTHING TO do on Saturday night?

Every Saturday night, the Deloraine Online Access Centre is open at scheduled times, when computer games can be played for a donation of $2.

From 4–6pm is for those under 15 and from 6–9pm is for those over 15.

Games vary between the age brackets and availability.

Over-15s have access to titles such as Call of Duty and under 15s have access to Warcraft 3, The Frozen Throne and the mods included.

Games night is looking to expand but that will be dependent on continuing public interest.

Any language anywhere

EventsJoanne Eisemann

March 2019

EVER WANTED to learn a language? All you need is your library card.

Come along to the Deloraine Online Access Centre on Tuesday 26th March at 10.00am to 11.30am and discover how your library card provides access to Mango Languages and the opportunity to learn 70+ languages.

It’s great for travellers, business people or for anyone who loves learning new things. Who knows, you might be able to watch those foreign without the subtitles!

Participants can come, hear and look or they can use a computer and enrol. Bring your current Libraries Tasmania card & password (if you haven’t used your Library card in awhile, drop into the Library to update it & your password) and also bring an email address you can access at the centre.

This session is provided free of charge and morning tea will be provided, but please book a spot first by calling the Online Centre on 6362 3537.


Connecting our community - celebrating 5 years as Meander Valley’s local newspaper!

FeatureJoanne Eisemann

TURNING FIVE may not seem like a big achievement, yet it is a number loaded with significance.

Behind the scenes, ‘5’ adds up to countless hours of volunteering time that has been given by a small army of helpers to create and deliver the paper, month in, month out. Without their vital help, the paper wouldn’t exist. This is because the Gazette is, for all intents and purposes, very much a local, community-driven project.

This story is written to give you a better understanding of the Gazette as an enterprise, and to publicly recognise the valuable contribution made by so many wonderful people who help us out, each and every day.

When our region lost its local newspaper more than five years ago, it quickly became clear that something else went missing too. The valley lost the means to collectively share its stories - its triumphs and tragedies, news and tidbits, joys and friendships.

Equally, local businesses lost a key means to reach out to existing & new customers, and local council lost the ability to broadcast its latest information.

Since the start of the Gazette in 2013 (the first issue went to print in January 2014), all of the above has been made whole again. Five years on, we still regularly receive letters of gratitude and thanks for publishing a local newspaper. We enjoy telling the stories, capturing the valley’s living history and keeping young & old alike in touch with the amazing people and talents that surround us.

People often think that the paper is put out by Meander Valley Council. This is not so. While we are supported by our local council, especially through the inclusion of their Public Notices pages, the newspaper is actually run and published by a small, local not-for- profit organisation called Meander Valley Connect.

As well as the Gazette, Meander Valley Connect manages two Online Access Centres (Deloraine and Mole Creek) as well as Pixels Digital Art Gallery in Deloraine.

Meander Valley Gazette pays a small amount of money to a handful of core staff each month; however, for the most part, the paper is produced by volunteers.

Weekly meetings are held to discuss the paper’s content and direction. The content is predominantly written by volunteer writers who develop stories under direction of the editorial team. We also receive submissions by local community members, politicians and other services/ events visiting Meander Valley.

The stories and advertisements are brought together using industry standard software, two computers and the wonders of ‘cloud computing’, which allows people in a few different locales to access and contribute to the process.

Then, once a month on a Saturday, proofreaders gather in Deloraine to correct any errors. The paper is then converted into finished artwork and sent to the printers.

In line with our ethos of supporting small business, Meander Valley Gazette is printed in Tasmania in Franklin, Huon Valley. It travels to north via 3 different trucks, with Sunrise Trailers in Deloraine lending a final hand in the process by using their forklift to take the pallet of papers off the truck and place them onto the back of a flat tray ute, which is then delivered to the Deloraine Online Centre.

A team of folders get cracking unloading the pallet. Thousands of papers are hand-folded, ready to be delivered by Australia Post and a local contractor. Thousands more are delivered to Salmat in Prospect who organise delivery to residents in Prospect Vale and Hadspen. Yet more volunteers deliver papers to shops and businesses throughout the valley. Once delivered, the whole monthly process starts all over again!

We estimate the paper takes, collectively, around 400 hours per month to put together. Most of these hours are volunteered.

Currently, we are printing 9,500 copies per month. Plus, many people are accessing the paper digitally through our website (Previous editions of the paper can be downloaded there, too. Just head to the shop and download for free).

During the time we have been printing we have uncovered a wealth of skilled artisans and craftspeople. We’ve also looked into many rurally-based enterprises, and the biggest surprise always comes when we discover another local business that is sending their products all over the globe. Innovation is clearly alive and well in Meander Valley and its our aim, with your help, to promote the area to its best advantage.

All up, we’ve been fortunate to be able to call upon the assistance of many people who have long experience in publishing and communications. In fact, the Gazette provides an ideal vehicle for people to express their creativity and make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of the community.

It also provides a wonderful training ground for those wanting to become journalists, photo journalists or graphic designers and we have mentored many of these over the years.

One of the hallmarks of the Gazette is its wonderful photos. We have been fortunate to have the input of Mike Moores, a photo journalist with some 40 years’ experience in both English and Australian newspapers.

The paper is offered free to all residents and visitors of Meander Valley and is financed by advertisers, sponsors and donations.

The break even costs of producing the paper each month are considerable, and we are very grateful to all of our advertisers for their financial support. Three local businesses have recently taken out 12-month sponsorships, helping to smooth out the ups and downs of monthly advertising income and helping ensure the current 20-page format can continue.

As always, our aim is to keep the residents of Meander Valley informed. To ensure that we can do the job properly we need your input. If we don’t know about an event we can’t tell the story!

If it’s interesting to you then it is probably of interest to other people too. Please email if you have a story and/or pictures to share, or phone 6286 8212 on a Tuesday or Wednesday to speak with one of the team.

It’s always affirming when we hear the wonderful feedback the paper receives, and it confirms our steadfast belief that there still is a much-needed place in this digitised world for the printed word.

Thanks for reading your very own local paper!

Matthew Bowen lends a steady hand and keen eye to the job of paper folding.

Matthew Bowen lends a steady hand and keen eye to the job of paper folding.

Carol Tracey looks after our advertisers.

Carol Tracey looks after our advertisers.

Never too old to volunteer, 87 year old Victor Smith delivers hundreds of papers to local businesses each month.

Never too old to volunteer, 87 year old Victor Smith delivers hundreds of papers to local businesses each month.

Jewels of nature

Feature, Arts and ReviewsJoanne EisemannComment

APRIL 2018

WELL KNOWN local naturalist and photographer Sarah Lloyd (recently featured on Gardening Australia) will share some exquisite photos of slime moulds in an exhibition called Nature’s Miniature Jewels during the month of April at Pixels Digital Gallery.

Sarah has studied slime moulds in the tall, wet eucalypt forest that surrounds her home at Birralee in northern Tasmania since 2010.

During that time she has taken hundreds of photographs. A ‘time lapse’ series that illustrates the remarkable changes the plasmodia undergo as they form fruiting bodies. Photographs taken with a camera on a stereo microscope, show the variety of forms at the macroscopic scale. Photographs taken with a camera on a compound microscope, show the intricate beauty in their microscopic structures.

Pixels Gallery is located in the Deloraine Online Access Centre behind the Library.

Photo | Sarah Lloyd

Flyer design from an expert

Meander StyleJoanne EisemannComment

April 2018

WANT TO know how to create an attractive flyer or newsletter?

Join graphic designer Elizabeth Douglass at the Deloraine Online Centre to discover some basic principles of design.

Topics covered will include: how to plan content, how to find save and use images from Creative Commons and how to create visual appeal.

When: Tuesday 8th May 10.00am – 12 midday, cost $10.00, call 6362 3537 to book a place.


EventsJoanne EisemannComment

March 2018

THE POPULAR Getting Smart with Smartphones monthly sessions at Deloraine Online will resume on the 27th March from 2.00pm to 3.00pm. Any questions you have about mobile phones, both staff and volunteers will do their best to answer. There is no charge.

Photo gems of beauty by Jade

Arts and ReviewsJoanne EisemannComment

JANUARY 2018 | Lorraine Clarke

ANYONE WHO has marvelled at a glorious sunset and raced inside to get the camera before it fades, then been disappointed at the nondescript results, can only be enchanted by the quality of Jade Hallam’s work. She captures the ephemeral quality and colours of the fleeting light and preserves them in compositions of haunting beauty.

Jade grew up in Reedy Marsh and attended Deloraine High School before going on to Launceston College where her love of photography began. She made pinhole cameras, learned to use SLR film cameras and developed photographs in the darkroom. Jade studied education at university in Launceston, and now lives in Deloraine. She continued taking nature photographs and Forest Festival shots as a hobby.

A couple of years ago, she began developing her hobby into a business as a nature, landscape and family documentary photographer. This enables her to encapsulate memories of her other great love, bushwalking the Meander Valley region’s pristine wild areas, and to share these beautiful images with others who may not have the same opportunity to see them first hand. Her photographs showcase features of our valley that so many never even dream exists.

Jade is available for “A Day in the Life Of” family photography, events, weddings and portraits. She took portraits at last year’s Steam Punk Ball.

She prefers to take unposed photographs of families who wish to document significant milestones in their lives. Jade assembles these impromptu images into a hard-cover book that will be a souvenir of treasured memories.

“I really like to capture candid natural moments between people, to show relationships and personality, to tell a story about the reality of everyday life. I do this at home with my own family, creating an album with pictures, and we all find that it’s a great memento to look back on,” she said.

“I guess the reason why I love to photograph nature is not only because I want to share these places with other people but also because being out in these wild places, only an hour’s walk away in some cases, is so good for my well-being. It helps to recharge my body and clear my head to appreciate the simple beauty of a fern unfurling or the mist rolling in above a cascade on the Meander River. It’s a great time to just be away from the rush and busyness that is life with two small children. If I can help others to do the same, I think that’s pretty cool.”

Recently, Jade’s images have embellished the pages of Meander Valley Gazette, accompanying Tara Ulbrich’s local walking trail articles.

Jade is the featured artist for January at Pixels, the new digital art gallery in the Deloraine Online Access Centre, where her incandescent nature photographs are displayed on large screens around the walls all day long.

Pixels is open for viewing at the Online Centre from 10.00am to 4.00pm weekdays, and also on weekends.


Photo | Meghann Maguire

Making a stand for comfort

NewsJoanne EisemannComment


EXTENDED PERIODS of sitting have been linked to several degenerative diseases from cancer to depression.

It was with this in mind that Deloraine Online Access Centre purchased a retrofit standing desk for patrons to try out.

Purchased as part of a project funded by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, the standing desk easily converts from a sitting to a standing position and can be adjusted to suit people of all heights.

For some centre users, the standing desk has provided a welcome change to sitting down. Brook Groombridge was severely injured when hit by an inattentive driver while working on the Tasman Hwy in 1982.

Since then, sitting has been difficult for him, “Even if I sit for short periods of time I can’t walk properly,” says Brook.

To make matters worse, pain killers don’t work for him. “I was run over 35 years ago, and I’ve never been prescribed with a pain killer that worked.

“It makes a big difference. Before the standing desk was here, I had to walk up to the angle parking (approx 150m) before I could actually walk properly.”

For those wishing to try out the standing desk Deloraine Online Access Centre is open from 10.00am to 4.00pm on weekdays and from 10.00am to 1.00pm on weekends. The Centre is at 21 West Parade, Deloraine.

Photo | Mike Moores

Pixels to Display Local Talent

Arts and ReviewsJoanne EisemannComment


October 2017

PIXELS IS a new gallery opening soon inside the Deloraine Online Access Centre. It will be a gallery with a difference, as works will be displayed across 6 digital screens.

The first exhibition running for the month of November is Mole Creek photographer Leanne Osmond’s ‘Along the Way’ series. Taken in Meander Valley, it includes images of sunrays, fog-filled landscapes, frolicking lambs, rainbows, frozen icicles, spider webs, autumn colours and much more.

Describing her interest in photography Leanne explains “I first took an interest in photography at age 10, when my grandmother gave me my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic.

My love of nature was further encouraged by many nature walks with my uncle over the years, but it wasn’t until 2005, when I bought my first digital camera, that I found the perfect outlet to express my love of nature."

Leanne has appeared as a guest on the TV programme Postcards, which showcased a number of her stunning misty landscape images. Leanne’s work is also featured in the 2017 Bureau of Meteorology’s ‘Australian Weather Calendar’ and has been featured in a number of council calendars.

Her images have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, Gardening Australia and other magazines, as well as been used on the front cover of a tourism magazine, a book about the Adelaide Hills, and also on numerous business websites.

“If visitors wish to purchase any of the photos or digital artworks they can be printed in a number of different sizes on a choice of archival quality paper or canvas,” explains gallery manager Joanne Eisemann.

Equipment for the gallery space was enabled by a grant from the Department of State Growth’s Community Infrastructure Fund, and will be used for a number of other purposes including computer training, the promotion of local events and live streaming to enable online gaming.

Pixels will be open 10.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday, 10.00am - 3.00pm on Saturdays and 10.00am to 1.00pm on Sundays from 1st November.

Celebrating farmers

Events, News, RuralJoanne EisemannComment


MEANDER VALLEY is looking forward to hosting this year’s Creative Ageing Festival, showcasing innovative arts and health programs which encourage older adults to participate.

Following the success of last year’s festival, a diverse range of activities will be on offer during Seniors Week.

One of those is the Celebrating Farmers Project, where Meander Valley farmers have told stories and had their photos taken to be included in a special publication that will be launched during Seniors Week at 4.00pm on Wednesday 18th October at the Deloraine Library. Wayne Johnston, President of the TFGA will launch the publication and light refreshments will be served

The project is a collaboration between a number of groups including LINC Tasmania, Aged Care Deloraine, Deloraine Online Access Centre, 26Ten, Kanangra, Grenoch and RAW.

LINC volunteers and staff have gathered the stories, photographer Joanne Gower has taken portraits and book designer Elizabeth Douglass is preparing the publication for print.

Farmers were selected through an expression-of-interest process and all farmers that put their hand up were included in the project.

A copy will be available in the reference section of the Deloraine and Westbury Libraries for those would like to view the publication but are unable to attend the launch.

Also on offer during the festival will be a host of guest creative arts practitioners including ceramic artist Gill Riches, botanical artist Deborah Wace, composer Jimmy Reece and art therapist Megan Booth.

Photo | Joanne Gower

Cutting room know-how

EventsJoanne EisemannComment

September 2017 | Author

IRFAN VIEW is a compact and powerful photo editing program for Windows computers that gives you the tools to crop, resize, touch-up and add effects to your photos.

Learn how to download this freeware program from the internet, and how to crop and resize photos at a workshop at either the Deloraine or Mole Creek Online Centres.

The workshops cost $10.00 and run from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon, with morning tea included.

The workshop at Deloraine Online Centre is on Tuesday 26th September - call 6362 3537 to book; and at the Mole Creek Online Centre on Monday 2nd October - call 6363 2030 to book.

Get smart with smartphones

Events, NewsJoanne EisemannComment

March 2017

GET MORE from your smart phone with free monthly sessions held at Deloraine Online Access Centre.

Learn about basic navigation, connecting to wifi, how to use social media and apps like the calendar, alarm clock, camera and gallery.

Sessions will be held from 2.00 - 3.00pm on one Tuesday each month, so keep your eye on the Events Diary on Page 13. The first one will be Tuesday 21st March at 2.00pm.

Drop-in or to book, call Deloraine Online 6362 3537 or Anne-Marie 0417 120 671.

Meander Valley - get involved

Events, NewsJoanne EisemannComment

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October 2016

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Smartphones simplified

IF YOU would like to learn some more about using your smartphone, come along to the Deloraine Online Access Centre from 2.00 – 3.00pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

The first session is 11th of October, no need to book, it’s a casual drop in session .

Anne Marie Loader of Deloraine Adult Literacy and volunteers from the Deloraine Online Access Centre will give you a hand to learn some new things to do with your phone.


Lunch with the fillies

A SPECTACULAR Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon will be held on Tuesday 1st November at the Chudleigh Memorial Hall beginning at 11.30am.

This event will offer a five-course lunch with complimentary “bubbles” on arrival, TV coverage on huge screen, Fashions on the Field, Sweepstakes, Licenced bar, great prizes for Best Hat, Best Dressed Lady and Best Dressed Couple.

Bookings essential! Ph: Maureen 6363 6114, Sherryl 6367 8190 or Wayne 6363 6119.


Golf month fever is here

OCTOBER IS Golf Month at the Deloraine Golf Club.

A free family day will be held in Deloraine on Sunday 16th October. The field is open to everyone, age 10 and over.

The competition will be a 9-hole Ambrose with groups of four. Hit off time will be 10.30am for 11.00am. Each group is to have at least one non-member if possible.

Golf clubs can be shared and children need to be in the company of an adult. There will be a free BBQ at the end of play.

For entry of teams contact the Secretary on 6362 2801 or the club on 6362 2132.


Charity spring fashion show

NOW THAT Spring has Sprung, we all feel the need for some wardrobe refreshment.

Meander Valley Days for Girls Team has collaborated with our Rotary Club and local stores to present a Spring Fashion Parade, showcasing this season’s new styles.

The Fashion Parade will be held at the Rotary Pavilion in Alveston Drive, Deloraine, at 2:00 pm on Sat 8th October., featuring clothing from B’Tahchee, Seppenfelts and Quirky Designs. A luscious Afternoon Tea is included with entry fee. Tickets $15.00 adults, $5.00 students.

Windows 10 training

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HAVING TROUBLE using Windows 10?

Join Alistair Carr at 10.00am on Tuesday 30th August at the Deloraine Online Access Centre or 10.00am Tuesday 6th Sept at the Mole Creek Online Centre.

Alistair will run two hour workshops with an overview of Windows 10 and then a question and answer session.

Cost $15.00, $10.00 concession, $5.00 regular users.

To book for Deloraine call 6362 3537 or email deloraine.

Or call 6363 2030 or email molecreek.oac@education. for Mole Creek.

Westbury Probus ladies scan their history

Events, NewsJoanne EisemannComment

Nita Clarke of Westbury Sheila Stevenson of Carrick work together on scanning westbury ladies probus minute books

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April 2016 | Joanne Eisemann

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THREE LOVELY ladies from Westbury Ladies Probus have embarked on a project to help preserve the club’s history. Nita Clarke, Sheila Stevenson and Eleanor Denton-Giles have been working at the Deloraine Online Access Centre to scan and digitalise the clubs 23 years of handwritten minute books.

“When I became secretary, the past secretary handed all these minute books over to me… I looked at them and wondered what happens to those books when I pass along?” explains Nita.

The club decided to apply for a Community Grant from Meander Valley Council to make a digital copy of the books.

At much larger expense they could have had the whole thing done for them by a print company, but instead opted to develop their computer and scanning skills with the assistance of their local online centre.

“At first is was a bit tricky, especially working out our filing system” says Sheila “but it got easier as we went along.”

Originally an offshoot of Rotary, Probus is “all about companionship and friendship for people over 55.

It was formed for professional and business people but now the spectrum has been widened a bit,” comments Nita.

They get together on the third Thursday of the month at the Westbury Town Hall Supper Room at 10.00am for morning tea and guest speaker.

“Anyone is welcome to come along and see what goes on," says Nita.

[udesign_icon_font name="fa fa-camera" color="#000000"]Mike Moores

PC clean up

Events, NewsJoanne EisemannComment

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_custom_heading text="PC clean up" font_container="tag:h2|font_size:40|text_align:left" google_fonts="font_family:Abril%20Fatface%3Aregular|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal"][vc_column_text]

March 2016

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FOLLOWING THE success of the Windows 10 session, Alistair Carr will offer a ‘5 ways to clean up your PC’ workshop.

“There are several simple maintenance procedures everyone can do to make sure their computer is running at its optimum” says Alistair, “like un-installing unnecessary software can make your computer run faster.”

When: 6th April from10:00am to 12 midday at the Deloriaine Online Access Centre, 21 West Parade. $15.00, $10.00 concession and $5.00 registered users.

To book, call 6362 3537.

Windows 10

FeatureJoanne EisemannComment

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February 2016

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HAVING TROUBLE with Windows 10?

Join Alistair Carr at 10.00am on 9th of March at the Deloraine Online Access Centre. Alistair will run a two hour workshop firstly with an overview of the new operating system and then a question and answer session.

Cost $15.00, $10.00 conc $5.00 reg users.To book your place call 6362 3537 or email deloraine.oac@education.tas.


Michelle lends support

NewsJoanne EisemannComment

Michelle O byrne  and Joanne Eisemann look at a copy of Meander Valley Gazette

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_custom_heading text="Michelle lends support" font_container="tag:h2|font_size:40|text_align:left" google_fonts="font_family:Abril%20Fatface%3Aregular|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal"][vc_column_text]


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STATE DEPUTY opposition leader and shadow education minister, Michelle O’Byrne, contacted Deloraine Online Centre when she heard that some Online Centres were under threat of losing funding.

Michelle visited the centre to provide some tips for our campaign and what follows are some of the comments she made during her visit.

“There is the ability to tell local stories that doesn’t happen in communities in other ways and also there is the opportunity that people are safe navigating the online playground or the online world, and people need skills to do that so to lose a facility like this would be concerning.”

“We think the government has come pretty close to, if not already achieved, all the financial savings that it identified so I’m not sure that cutting online access centres meets their previous budget policy anyway.”

“As an MP in parliament I can raise the issue and that has a certain impact, but there is nothing more powerful than the story of an individual who says to a politician, this is why this service matters to me and this is why I want you to sustain and maintain it.”

“Online Access centres are safe places that build community connectedness. Why would you take that away?”

[udesign_icon_font name="fa fa-camera" color="#000000"] Mike Moores

Facebook reveals secrets to Alfred

BusinessJoanne EisemannComment

Alfred and Jan Facebook

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_custom_heading text="Facebook reveals secrets to Alfred" font_container="tag:h2|font_size:40|text_align:left" google_fonts="font_family:Abril%20Fatface%3Aregular|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal"][vc_column_text]

OCTOBER 2015 | Joanne Eisemann

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IN A ROOM filled with eager- to-learn people, Jan Collett, Facebook-guru and a volunteer of Deloraine Online Centre, ran two sessions on how this social media could help spread the word about business or community group services.

This is because only around 50% of businesses in Meander Valley have a presence on Facebook, some more successfully than others.

“You have to remember that Facebook is the social aspect of your business. It is not necessarily going to be your core web presence for selling things,” advises Jan.

Marketing research shows that 80% of Facebook users click the ‘About’ icon on a business page. It is one of the first things they do to learn “more about the philosophy behind their commerce and who the proprietors are.” Facebook is also designed to encourage spending on advertising through them, so many posts will hardly be seen.

“The average quantity of stuff that will come across your ‘friends’ or ‘fans’ who have liked your business page is 6% because of the news feed and the way the Facebook algorithms work,” explains Jan.

Moreover, “this percentage can be increased by encouraging more people to interact with your page.”

‘Seppenfelts’ owner, Alfred Franssen, attended Jan’s workshops at Deloraine Online Centre to learn more in order to give his partner, Isabel, a hand to promote their business through Facebook – a social media she already uses.

But he does not find the move to social media easy, as he is “still a bit in denial about it.”

“It is not really my habit to go sit behind a computer everyday and communicate that way. It is too indirect for me,” he explains. “But I can see it has got a really good place in our world. It is efficient if you want to put messages out there really quick.”

“But it is easy for people to get overloaded with all that information,” he adds. “That is why I think this shop, (with the) face to face, is always going to stay relevant and important.”

Yet Isabel has found using Facebook a great way for her to let her customers know that ‘Seppenfelts’ had moved to a new location on Emu Bay Road.

That successful start in this social media has led her into experimenting with ways she can continue communicating with her customers through Facebook.

Even then, she is cautious about not overdoing it as she does not want to be “like the shops that post every new item they bring into their store.”

Her experiments with different types of posts has led her to discover what works for their company; like how to schedule posts so that she can work more effectively with the flow of the business.

Jan advises that each enterprise is going to be slightly different. What works for one might not necessarilywork for another and while listening to the marketing experts is useful, working outwhat works for your business is a matter of experimentation.

If you would like to learn more about Facebook, call 6362 3537 to register your interest for the next course at Deloraine Online, scheduled when numbers allow.

[udesign_icon_font name="fa fa-camera" color="#000000"] Mike Moores

Trade on eBay

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INTERESTED IN learning more about how to buy and sell on eBay?

Deloraine Online Centre has a new volunteer who is a bit of a whiz and has offered to share his knowledge with those who are interested.

The first session will be on Thursday 29th October from 10:00am to midday.

Cost is $10, $7 conc, $5 registered users. Book early as these courses fill fast. For more details phone 6362 3537.