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Tamsyn sings from a new libretto

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L-R  The 3 Divas : Tamsyn Stock Stafford, Georgina Harvey and Carolyn Harris

L-R The 3 Divas: Tamsyn Stock Stafford, Georgina Harvey and Carolyn Harris

NOVEMBER 2015 | Wai Lin Coultas

WHEN TAMSYN Stock Stafford and her husband moved from Perth WA to the Meander Valley six years ago, she was seeking more than a tree change for her children’s sake.

By becoming caretaker of the Mole Creek Guest House, she was resolutely turning her back on a highly successful career singing for the Western Australian Opera Company.

While for the most part, Tamsyn loved working for this operatic company she was “heavily affected by the ‘dark side’ of the industry – (the) competitiveness, pride and jealousy.”

“I lost my passion for the industry.  I do not believe in singing for oneself (and) as a way of showing the world how good you are.  I sing to connect with people and help them feel,” she shared.

So she had found that her professional career in opera “was just not making (her) happy anymore”.

Teaming up with Carolyn Harris and Georgina Harvey as the 3 Divas, with Kent Furmage at the piano and under the direction of John Phelps, has restored her joy in singing.

“When I perform with these four other artists I am with kindred spirits.  We are all on stage for the same reasons - our love of music and our passion to share this with the audience,” she enthused.

With Georgina’s gift as a cabaret and jazz singer and Carolyn’s in musical theatre, Tamsyn thrives on matching their timbre and volume when singing a duet or trio from a non-operatic genre.

“My favourite would have to be one of the songs Die Junge Nonne, or The Young Nun, as the poem is absolutely beautiful and never fails to move me,” she shares.

“And the highlight for me is the Donizetti solo. It is incredibly challenging and extremely dramatic.”

Its demands are further heightened as Tamsyn is expecting her fourth child in March next year.

“It is hard work singing, harder than it seems. And singing when one is pregnant is no mean feat!” she grins. “Having an added sixth on stage will make for some interesting stagecraft!”

You can enjoy the 3 Divas’ 'Angels And Demons' ensemble at Gallery 9 on 27th of November at 8.00 pm.

Presented by Arts Deloraine, tickets are available from Elemental Artspace.  Entry is $25.00 for non-members and and $20.00 for members.

Photo | Mike Moores