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Tasmanian truffles rule the kitchen

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JUNE 2018 | David Claridge

TASMANIANS ARE proud of two Deloraine siblings, Henry and Anna Terry, who made it big on television, showing what they were capable of on My Kitchen Rules.

Reaching the final six they were unfortunately eliminated after a cook-off just before the semi-finals.

Henry and Anna are now back to what they were doing beforehand, but are much happier for the experience.

Henry has returned to running their truffle farm ‘Tasmanian Truffles’ after a ‘massive year’.

“It is nice to be back to normal life, but we had such a great time. We’re relieved to be heading onto the next chapter but happy for the experience we have had."

Anna has returned to studying nursing and helping Henry with the farm.

“We met some amazing people. We went through highs and lows together and got in a bubble. It was a friendship you don’t find in normal life,” she said.

“Being on the show we have grown as people, it was a learning curve that had a big impact on our lives that we will never forget.

The duo was able to showcase some of Tasmania’s finest produce in one of the episodes, preparing kangaroo fillet, chicken, lamb and some mouth-watering desserts for the teams and judges at their house. Unfortunately, it was out of truffle season, so they couldn’t use their favourite ingredient.

A story published in New Idea on 6th May claimed that many fans voiced how they wished Henry and Anna had made it to the final – which goes to show how popular they became in their time on the show.

Photo | Wayne Enright