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“Are there any particular needs of the Meander Valley that you and your party will address if elected?”

February 2018

Guy Barnett, Liberal

ADDRESSING COST of living issues will remain a major focus of a re-elected Hodgman Liberal Government. As part of our Tasmania First energy policy we have capped prices to assist households with energy bills, provided a special energy bonus to eligible Tasmanians, and are investing in our on-island renewable energy capacity.

Rebecca White, ALP

MY NUMBER one priority for all Tasmanians is to fix the health system by employing more health workers and treating more patients. Labor will support our young people with a good education so they can get a job and Labor will build employment, infrastructure and regional economies.

Fraser Brindley, Greens

LIKE MANY rural areas, Meander Valley needs better public transport, including patient transport. Whether it’s school kids, the elderly, people who need medical attention, or people just wanting to make a trip into town, public transport is not up to scratch. This is simple stuff† and it can be fixed.

Kylie Wright, ALP

IF ELECTED, I will work closely with the local community to identify and address local concerns. Some major issues include health, education, employment, transport / traffic, support for the Arts and local growers and producers. The Statewide Planning Scheme needs to fully consider climate change, natural values and local character.

Rene Hidding, Liberal

THERE ARE over 10,600 more Tasmanians in jobs since the 2014 election. We will take jobs growth to the next level with targeted jobs initiatives. By keeping the Ashley Youth Detention Centre open, only a majority Liberal Government will provide job security for 60 workers and their families who are an important part of the Deloraine community.

Jen Butler, ALP

The Hodgman Government has failed to generate jobs in regional Tasmania. As a member of a Labor Government, I will work with regional and rural industries to identify their training and infrastructure needs to ensure that young Tasmanians can stay and raise their families in regional areas like Meander Valley.

Kim Peart, Independent

RUNNING AS an independent lion for Lyons, one issue that will take me through the towns from Devonport to Port Arthur, will be my proposal for a footpath and cycle way, serving both visitors and residents, which will create a new form of foot and cycle tourism in Tasmania.

Janet Lambert, ALP

I WILL assist the MV Council, community groups and local people to; invest in preventable health programs, access a‹ordable housing, provide more police, work with local industries creating new employment opportunities, invest in education, support Neighbourhood House to meet the needs of community and MVC to meet its chosen strategic projects.

Mark Shelton, Liberal

JOBS ARE the number one priority of the Hodgman Liberal Government. Our $2 million investment in Ridley Corporation Limited’s aquaculture feed mill at Westbury will provide work for up to 250 construction jobs and around 20 full-time positions once operational. I will continue to advocate for investment to help job creation.

John Tucker, Liberal

WITH A booming tourism industry and record visitor numbers, the Meander Valley has the opportunity to tap into this thriving market. With some truly beautiful areas including Mole Creek and the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, and great events like the Deloraine Craft Fair, the Meander Valley can grow its share of Tasmania’s visitor market.

Jane Howlett, Liberal

WITH TWO young children of my own, I know how important a quality education is to giving our kids the best start in life. Our long-term plan to extend high schools to year 12 is working, with 533 more students studying year 11 and 12 subjects at 30 schools which have already extended.

Darren Clark, ALP

LAST YEAR, we lost a community youth worker through a redirection of funding. Early intervention programs are crucial, with 20% of Meander Valley’s population under 15. This must be addressed through organisations like PCYC and Save the Children. Roads are a major issue. I have asked for $6 million to improve road safety and conditions.

Please note: Meander Valley Gazette was unable to contact the following Lyons candidates despite numerous attempts: Labor: Gerard Gaffney Greens: Helen Hutchinson, Lucy Landon-Lane, Gary Whisson, Glen Millar Shooters, Fishers & Farmers: Mathew Allen, Carlo Difalco, Andrew Harvey Jacqui Lambie Network: Michael Kent, Bob Vervaart, Chris Reynolds

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