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Valley Council switched on

NewsJoanne EisemannComment

August 2018

MEANDER VALLEY Council will install an electric vehicle charger at its Westbury o—ffices after receiving a $4,422 ChargeSmart grant from the Tasmanian Government.

General manager Martin Gill said the funding is intended to encourage purchase of electric vehicles for the Meander Valley Council fleet, as well as personal electric vehicles for councillors and staff.

“This initiative of the Meander Valley Council Sustainable Environment Committee will also result in a second charger being installed at the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre,” he said.

The Tasmanian Climate Change Office states that electric vehicles are likely to be priced similarly to standard internal combustion engine vehicles by 2025. Therefore, the initial demand for electricity from the charge station is expected to be extremely low over the next few years, progressively increasing as electric vehicle prices reach parity with current vehicles.